"What You Miss"

You missed a good autumn.
The rains eventually caught up:
allowed the leaves to fall bright and golden:
allowed us to store our
sandals and summer shorts
and finally cry for the lost year.
All that is left now of the harvest
is its full moons and the local churches offering Halloween alternatives.
(puny fall festivals, orange candy bribes)
Dark so early afternoons,
(as terrifying now as they were before our knowledge of seasons and our tilted world)
hurry to skip November
and run into December
and into the arms
of all those twinkling lights.
Let's shine away the coming darkness.
I want to lift and laugh a shiny glass
as if all the world was,
was snowy blankets and soft Holy carols.
As if you hadn't done what you did my friend,
or sadder yet, as if you had never been.