It rained all around my house:
the freeway:
at the lake, Camp Horne, downtown and two streets
over at Reggie's house.
But not at mine.
I finally had to un-knot the garden hose and sprinkle what bit of grass was left.
For a while there it looked as if the earth were rising up against me,
"dust to dust" before my time.
The ground that I owned needed a drink.
The trees needed a drink
as did all the birds and squirrels.
My neighbor and I kidded that maybe we were skipped
over because one of us owed some tithes.
We laughed.
But it wasn't a joke
And it wasn't funny;
It isn't funny, for although I DO pay my tithes and then some.
I read my Bible and then some.
I pray and then some....
Let us be truthful. 
I in one way or another-
in many ways-deserved a drought.
How had I not by some petty retort, or gigantic one, some small negligence or great, 
earned my own personal little famine?

There was no argument. 
We all agreed that the tomatoes needed water:
the corn, the melons,
and all those beautiful pole beans,
all needed the water.
But maybe my heart needed the empty glass. 
Maybe I had had TOO FAT OF A MENU
and for TOO LONG.
Nothing like being thirsty and dry
to make one examine his life.
So say I don't lie or steal or cheat or covet...etc...?
Say I go to church every Sunday?But is it a chore?
a fight to get there and a relief to leave?
with what could be considered a boring
waste of time in the middle?
No wonder I was not making converts!
Why would the "lost" want a thing the "found"
didn't even like?

I made up my mind that I was not
going to pray for rain,
but I was going to pray that I could be
an easy study:
a quick learner:
or better yet-a vicarious learner.
Maybe my lawn wouldn't dry up and blow away,
and maybe
I wouldn't be fingered as the only yard in the whole of the county to not get precipitation,
and may be my lack of rain was merely weather cycles and patterns.
But what if it was a direct
message from the Throne Room
to my front porch?
One lesson God's cloudless sky taught me and taught me well:
Wet or dry:
food or lack:
job or no job:
The answer to the question was "guilty"
"Guilty as charged, Sir!" 
No way would I ever be able to yell
"Wait!  Wait!  You have the wrong man." 
No way.

"It Rained At My House"

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