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Being Careful After Surgery
Here I am asking for forgiveness for bending, for stooping,
for actually trying to touch the floor
and its dust....
Several Poems On "Camping"            Our huddled bodies thrust arms and              fingers out to worship late October....
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Poems On The Moon  Added 2/18/05
Cat's Eye In The Rain (strange poem about my deafness.) 2/25/05
There Sits The Wind (sad poem about taming the wind)  8/9/05
Karan Missing Opening Night 10/10/05
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Leaves Late November  5/29/08  NEW!!!
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No Nerve Highway 5/29/08  NEW!!!
Surviving Audrey 5/29/08  NEW!!!
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Death by Drought 6/26/08  NEW!!!
The New Book 9/28/08  NEW!!!
crick breaking back spine stretching
sprawling, lounging pages curling
white sloping
obscured meanings more legible near the edges.
Why I don't Go To Sunday School (fall 2008
I can’t hear the teacher over the noisy trees and all
those blasted yelling leaves.
Time Difference 11/3/08
           “Time Difference”
Moonlight so strong, it forced me, 
shoved me, outside.  I hummed a song I hadn’t thought of for years: the night’s vastness and crazy stars....
Smother 11/5/08
           can’t get a breath. stagnant living sitting on my chest, thinks it’s funny to smother....
Lost Love Excavation (jan. 2009
Dying by the Sword (jan. 2009