methodically she marked the dark infancy 
by secret moments
by what doors remained unfortunately opened....
I watch you little bird,
trying to come upon the words for you....
Several Love Poems 
Who Cleans Up?
Mother always said "If you can't do something right, don't do it at all."  and that's why I don't clean house.  ha ha ha
It Rained At My House  (funny
in a sick sort of way)
A Collection of Madness
Why would anyone say such a thing
and out loud for the angels 
and demons and trees to hear alike....
The Place Where Grass Grows & Bee Again
the place where grass grows unquestioned and no voices comment on or lament its lack of mowing...
What You Miss 
You missed a good autumn.
The rains eventually caught up: 
allowed the leaves to fall bright and golden:
allowed us to store our 
sandals and summer shorts
and finally cry for the lost year.
Several Poems On Pain & Loss 
What to Wear 

Leaving St Croix Island 
The palms shook down                                               shade to rescue us  from the fainting sand,             and July's water was a little too warm ....
More Poems at Writings 2
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ladybug to
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Used Meat Tray 
When I was nine years old, my mother took me to see the lady who lived on the street over from MawMaw.  I knew this lady was rich;  her porch was on 2 sides of the house 
and she had stairs.

Byron in the Garden (added 6/4/08
That is a good looking man in his garden: Skin an orange brown in the afternoon sun:  Sandy headed....
Good Thing You Live Far Away
I Bury You Before You Are Dead (added 6/8/08)
Head in a Box  (jan. 2009
The Beast  (jan. 2009