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"Who Cleans Up?"

Mother always said "If you can't do something right, don't do it at all."  and that's why I don't clean house.  ha ha ha

No, my mom really didn't say that, and I really do clean my house; 
its just that it is a secret.  Only I can tell where, when and how.
I start early in the morning, picking, putting, piling, scraping (there is a fair amount of scraping) but before my tasks are finished, my body is: finished that is.

Here, let me show you.
On the coffee table in front of the TV I remove seven glasses, eight plates and a basket of peanut hulls
(this could be confusing, considering that there are only four of us and the fact that I haven't bought any peanuts)
to the kitchen. 
Now don't get excited here!  The coffee table is still not clean.  It has remaining, five toy cars, four old newspapers, one dirty sock, a hair brush and some sticky stuff splattered across it that looks a lot like a combination of melted Blue Bell and dust.
It is right about here that you will notice my lack of concentration kicking in.  My wonderful God given talent of
"out of sight: out of mind"  That cliche was invented after meeting me.
Remember - I am taking the dishes to the kitchen. 
In the kitchen the dishwasher is full of clean dishes. 
That is not a good thing. 
I start to empty the dishwasher, but when I get to my fancy swirly glasses that I got for a wedding gift, I have to stop because the base of the stems collect water.  Sooooo to put them in the cabinet I have to dry them first.
Are you still with me?  Hold On!

The towels are upstairs and since I am going upstairs, I will be efficient and take a load of dirty clothes to the laundry room to wash.  I get to the Laundry room and find the washer is full of clean wet clothes.  That is not a good thing.
The drier: full of
clean dry clothes.  That is not a good thing. 

At one time, the pile of clean clothes covered the window, but I am doing better since we hauled off my laundry table.  Now my new rule (and it works) is that before the wet clothes go into the drier, the dry clothes coming out have to be TOTALLY put up.

You will never know how difficult this habit was for me to form, because starting the wet clothes to dry WHILE I fold the others, makes more sense time wise.  And believe it or not, I like to make sense.  The problem was and is,
that after I start the drier, my motivation for folding
NOW is gone. And since I am a busy woman, I tell myself that I will fold and hang at a later, more convenient time. 
My projections show "Later & More Convenient" to be sometime around July 13th, 2027.
Back to clothes.  There are T-shirts and jeans and this means a trip to the abysses known as Evan & Elliot's rooms.

I won't go on.  I can't: for it is somewhere around this part of the morning that the phone rings about 100 times and that I go outside to sit on the front steps and watch those hateful humming birds, and drink a Dr Pepper and pray.  Lots of praying!
As we examine my day, notice that nothing is finished.  Right here is where I should insert another
That is not a good thing. 

I like a clean house as much as the next person, and believe me; I try. 
I really really try.
I make lists.
I bribe myself .
I try TV on - TV off
Peppy music - No music
I have even gone to the altar during worship service to be "healed" of this "affliction" 

Why have I written this? 
I'm not sure. 
But it must have been a life long struggle for me, because I remember Mother telling me to get a good enough paying job to always keep a maid. 
This trait is genetic. 
Last week while  retelling my sons about the wonderful party
Jesus is planning for all of us: 
All the food and fun that there will be at the marriage supper of the Lamb,
Evan, the eight year old that he is,
has no problem with FLYING through the sky to get to this party:
no problem with eating with Jesus:
No problem with Forever.
He wants to know "Who cleans up?"
there is no way that I am going to be the one to spoil this "Heavenly Party" for him!  I told him that I am not sure,
but that I think there are special
"cleaning-up" angels. 

Oh how I hope!!