Why would anyone say such a thing
and out loud for the angels
and demons and trees to hear alike
and as easily as mentioning ground beef
and its price per pound
or that drinks are on sale
and the oil needs changed:
common words, everyday?
I believe science and the Bible;
spoken words never end,
no matter how slowly some may stretch a little,
but their waves, always there, waiting and perfect
for some future ear with ability and readiness of hearing
to make an understanding of the why
that is so much more a why now than ever.

"Insanity" I said, "runs in my family."
Why would it run and not stomp or trample?
Loss of mind seems more like a swallowing,
a throwing away,
or if you go with the gene pool motif it could swim.
I like to think of it like loved ones trying to explain
a red haired left handed child
"You know they say it skips a generation."
And that is what I want!
A skipping
               Skip me
                Skip mine
                                        Skip far across this running downstream
water even as I myself run in the family
as sure and as fast as I can from
this genetic inheritance
this memory thief
this cloud.


As unlevel as you are
they grow slow to walk too near,
fearful of excessive leaning,
uneasy in all your required adjustments
all the additional head turnings and inevitable pains in the neck
you seem much too down hill
for comforts sake my dear:
you and your daily medicines
regulation dosages
constantly striving to get a grip
                 any grip
                 and on such
                          an ungentle slope.


All day I waited
               for the white bird to come to the edge of the water
or the window to position its beating wings in my view
so I could at least see a different life.

And all day long the rain kept just beyond my finger tips' reach
a world of liquid and movement,
its falling droplets splendid like dancing feathers.

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