2:00 in the morning  your time. I can't help but hear Dr. Zuess, "It came without ribbons or boxes and bows...."  (or there about;  you know the line)

This morning is the biggest surprise, 
the morning arriving in spite of my tiptoe, 
in spite of my not mentioning it, 
me thinking that maybe you might surprise me by an empty 
suitcase or by a cashed in ticket.  

No no....the surprise this time
the surprise is how it comes anyway.  (this departure I mean.)  
The surprise today is how you are NOT hiding behind the door 
saying "Just teasing.  I'm staying!"  
The surprise is how you get in line at security 
and walk through the scanner, 
your belt and shoes in the tray, 
your back to me out of mercy and love.

The surprise this time is that it comes and goes....the sunrise....the sunset.....the big fat jet and 14 hours before landing.