“The Beast”

Not really sure where it is or what it looks like.  I think it has scales since I’m not really a fur person.  Its eyes are fire;  that much I know.

And I only feel its presence in the quiet moments, looking out the window or driving alone in the car.  When traveling, I watch the side roads and ditches, hoping to catch a “glimpse” of a tail or maybe the light flashing on its claws.

If my days get terribly busy, I cannot think of it for long periods:  weeks or months.  I fear it knows when I’m not aware or remembering its being and that this troubles it.  It may be angry.  I can’t tell.

When (not if) I find this creature, or it finds me, I must kneel and keep my eyes down; that action is understood.  It will either love me or eat me.  I have been long enough waiting, and am empty enough now, either way is fine with me.