Almost is what to see in this sentence.
Just this morning the brand new totally full
coffee can almost spilled
grounds across the kitchen table
over last year’s vacation photos
sprawled and showing. 
All those memories almost ruined.
So many almost

I almost didn’t move to paradise
and then I almost didn’t move back
the blue water an unexpected problem.

I’ve almost forgotten more than I’ve ever known. 
(think algebra and gerunds)

I’ve almost missed the first wishing star
of the evening almost every single night
the black sky revealing them anyway.

Almost discovered
passed over
Almost walking forward
and almost staying seated…..

Almost is like they say
Slow motion.
Almost slumbers
its moving exaggerated, distinct.

Almost crashed
Almost fallen
Almost a baby
Almost a child

Almost defiant, an “in your face” NOT.
So many almost blatant and never were

I’ve more almost than I know what to do with.
Your almost looming over me a dark shadow
A living word
A scar.

You almost didn’t find me.
What a powerful concept.
What a life changing word.