“Time Difference”
Moonlight so strong, it forced me, 
shoved me, outside.  I hummed
a song I hadn’t thought of for years:  the night’s vastness and crazy stars
a sort of calendar comfort.  Spinning and swirling toward
who knows what in our wild spot in the spiral,
for a moment east and west were obvious and secure. 
We were waxing; over half way there.
I stood in the driveway, alone in the painful cold
where I did the math: 
calculated, added, subtracted,
flung counted hours forward
into the next day (or at least the next early morning)
I hoped to find where you slept,
your hands relaxed-half opened and vulnerable:
one leg out from under the cover.
The moon filled sky was there as well,
only older and with less time to shine.