“The Undulation Stopped”

The undulation stopped immediately
and the wild that I thought I had captured
lay down silky smooth: placid and polite in a little jar
on the counter.  No amount of stirring
brought to life those molecules.  I tried everything:
bubbles in a straw:
swizzle sticks:
the blender:  left the fan on continuously.
I began to doubt my love, pouring some down the sink
just to see what would happen.  Maybe it wasn’t
all those crashing waves of water
that I craved, but the wind instead,
or the circle of the moon.

And this is why that spot in the garden
holds too much salt and nothing grows.
I had hoped to at least kill some slugs
in the process, but no.
It is time for evaporation and rain and I feel
badly, living so far the shore.  How will I ever swim again?