"Marked by the Fire"
The smoke follows Leslie.
                             He jokes "It follows beauty."
(what mind came up with that?)
but wherever he sits there is that hazy blue
                             by-product of the flame.
                             He moves around the fire                          
                             playing some distorted
                             game of musical chairs.                   
                                       We are never quite sure
         if the flame sings                             
                   or laughs:
                             only certain
      that it is lead by the path of the wind.

                                                        I miss the past.                                                                                         
Smoke and pipes were common.
Cigarettes weren't yet destroyers
                   of the lung and life.                                                       
An ashtray was an appropriate souvenir
and smoke made a ring around the room
like adults & glamour
and secrets the wild world would soon divulge
whether it wanted to or not.