“Doing the Hill”

It will be much easier than made out to be: 
just keep it hard at first:  as long as you can. 
Then drop it into second and rest, 
let gravity and peddles do the work.

Stay to the side so cars can pass. 
You only have to go fast enough to stay ahead of the mosquitoes
and to make a little breeze.

Don’t grip the bars too hard.  (There is an idiom in there.  Learn it!)

Keep the sweat out of your eyes: 
ride with one hand to show how easy it is. 

And enjoy the smells along the way. 
It is amazing what you can tell with your nose: 
where the woods have Honeysuckle
and Oak Leaf Hydrangea in bloom: 
what neighbors have onions in their lawns and back yard pools.

Just before you top the crest,
Pop it into high and ready yourself for wild and free:
That downhill part sheer ecstasy.