“No Nerve Highway”

Do not be fooled by this resemblance of wisdom; 
it is not sanity under this skirt
keeping me proper:  saving me from my perilous self.

Before bills and such, our lust had no thought to health insurance,
or replacement thermostats, radiator hoses, gaskets. 

What did our love need with new tires and oil changes? 
We spat on trouble!
told it to beware, to be forewarned. 

No, we didn’t mind walking. 
We didn’t mind (no we rather enjoyed) the strangers whizzing
by and starring at us as we slow danced on the shoulders.

I won’t even un-buckle now,
let alone get out of the car.  Too much at stake;
I need new shoes. 
I have to eat.  I have to have a place somewhere to sleep.

In between pay checks, happiness lost its necessity rank
and was demoted to wish list. 
Resorted to another life and left us on our own.